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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  February 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we begin this morning with breaking news. >> we know those roads are block off in the area, near levittown parkway and route 13. people are asked not to call 911, at this time, unless they have an emergency. we are told tullytown residents take in shelter place due to police activity, unknown residence. >> weekends warm up did not last. now the slush and melted snow from saturday's storm has frozen over, making for icy commute in many locations
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. >> good morning, another bitter cold morning. >> want to check in with katie fehlinger in our weather center. yesterday felt so nice. the warm enough didn't last long enough. >> isn't it craze that i yesterday felt so nice? terrible, we hit like 45 degrees. oh, crazy stuff. but yes at least we did get little respit from the arctic chill. will not last. certainly already starting to go away, as temperatures have a chance to drop here through the overnight. in atlantic city right now all is pretty calm, pretty collected but we've been talking about the possibility of ice. you will definitely find it in spots out there simply because the snow had a chance to melt away, now these temperatures are dropping. let's go ahead take you out to storm scan3, at this hour, finding just one little pocket of very light flurries falling across berks and lancaster county so i don't want to rule out some of could you ends up with quick flurry later through the morning but more than anything, we end up with partly sunny day. that said, what's happening these temperatures will have their chance to continue their decline, this morning so as
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they fall into the 20's, some of are you already there not quite, there as you can see right here, on the bug we are at least in philadelphia still into the 30's, as these temperatures continue to decline, it means that any of the put that is were formed from a melt yesterday are just going have a chance to refreeze, so do you have to watch out for that, treated roads generally speaking have been okay. but you're going to find that on side streets anywhere there still might be the straub had a chance to begin to at least melt through the course of yesterday. now, here's where you stand. yes, little bit of missioned bag going on, a loft spots most spots into the 30's, we are finding some teens some 20's, so the temperatures are starting their decline. you can see, just how sharp the contrast is here when you are flirting with 60 right now in charleston, south carolina versus ten in columbus, separation every air masses all about transition mode through the course of this morning, as we go through the day here you can expect the clouds to be around, it will be breezy day some sunshine as the day progresses but
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temperatures again will be declining for us as we go throughout the afternoon. and we are expect to go see generally a partly sunny day. good morning. >> good morning, just little after 4:30 we go outside check out the schuylkill expressway. roadways pretty much empty at this point with a little bit so headed westbound eastbound in or out of the city doing just fine so far. over on the ben franklin bridge currently no problems, all lanes open headed into philadelphia, as you can see westbound right here, having no problems, and there are some speed restrictions in the area, not for the ben but for the burlington bristol bridge, 25 miles per hour, 25 miles per hour on the talcony palmyra bridge due to possibly icy conditions with some of those that melted snow that actually has turned into ice. we definitely know the bridges freeze little beforehand. take your time, be little careful. do have downed tree out in upper merion, montgomery avenue completely closed between madison ford road and north stone ring lane. take old gulph road to get on by that for the time being.
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ongoing construction on 422 eastbound between stowe and route 100. use some caution. back to you. jess, as you and katie continue to emphasize snow turned to slush and ice. >> leaves your morning commute dangerous. jan carabeo joins us in the cbs-3 mobile webber -- weather lab in the fairmount section. how many is it looking out there jan? >> reporter: good morning, not looking great on the side street and back streets, where you are going to have your problem this morning. not talking about problems on the highways. those are pretty clear and dry. but take a look at 20th and wallace this morning, this is what you are going to encounter when you come out the door on the side street. >> this road right here completely covered with ice. we had this crunchy slushy, center spot here where the plows either went over it once or not at all then just have two tire tracks, very icy that we're kind of sticking to right now. and as we come to the intersection, doesn't look much better than that, all of the snow pushed out into the middle, very icy mix right
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here. so, what happened yesterday of course, with the temperatures, increasing, it melted this snow but then over night froze it into this block now seeing. this is what all of that back streets here in the fairmount section look like right now. really bad part of the city here as far as the treatment of the roads and back streets. so and the side streets go. so this is what you will encounter go out this morning when you hit the sidewalk, definitely watch that. that's very slippery this morning. and then the side street. you just got to get to the highways before it really gets a lot better. so just build in extra time, little bit extra time into your morning commute because getting to the main highways, that's what's going to be your problem. but we will be going all around the delaware valley morning, taking a look at different neighborhoods and we'll stay with you all morning long, for now liver in fairmount in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, jan carabeo, back to you guys in the studio. >> jan thank you. as we've been saying, melting snow could be to blame for underground explosion in center city last night. "eyewitness news" on the 1500
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block of locust street. peco says they are looking into whether water sparked underground electrical wires causing an explosion so powerful it blew the manhole cover off. firefighters went door-to-door evacuating buildings after finding elevated carbon monoxide levels. that will stretch of locust street could remain closed for quite some time, while crews make repairs. three firefighters are also recovering this morning they were hurt while battling flames in chester county. >> this fire broke out about 7:15 last night at home on highland hill lane in malvern. one of the firefighters slipped on the ice and hurt his ankle, but all of the injuries we're told are minor. the family was able to get out that far home. investigators believe that fire was accidental. pennsylvania state police believe an arsonist set fire to dorm at cheney university. investigators say someone attempt topped set a student's personal belongings on fire in fifth floor dorm in tubman hall. that fire set offspring letter system. the student who lives in that room was not there at the
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time. cheney university officer went to the hospital after complaining of chest pains and smoke inhalation. happening today, a pennsylvania house committee is planning to vote on whether to privatize the state's liquor system. >> similar to the bill that house passed two years ago. the measure calls for phasing out state stores, while allowing private sales of wine and spirits. governor tom wolf opposes the plan but he supports removing limitations on sunday sales. meanwhile, law makers in washington are still looking for a way to avoid a partial shutdown of the department of homeland security. house republicans have been trying to push through legislation that ties dhs funds to go rollback of president obama's immigration initiative. but senate democrats are expected to block it again later today. even a partial dhs shutdown would mean furloughing 30,000 workers and forcing others to work without pay. the clock runs out at midnight on friday. political squabble
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continues, growing concerns about possible terror threat to american malls. law enforcement officials across the country received an intelligence bulletin yesterday. it was in response to a video released by somalia terror group al-shabaab, in 2013, al-shabaab carried out three day siege that left 71 people dead including the attackers. 4:38 right now. the film bird man walked away the big winner of the night of the 87th annual academy awards. that will my was up against some tough competition for best picture of the year. in the end though, birds man beat out other block busters like american is sniper, boyhood, the theory of everything, huge come back for the film's star mike keaton. >> this has been a tremendous experience there is guy a bold as bold can be. and it was just a tremendous honor for me to, look, it is great to be here. who am i kidding? this is just great fun. thank you very much.
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>> bird man also won for cinema to go if i, original screen play, and the film's director took home the oscar for directing as well. and, here's a look at some of the other winners for you eddie red main, julianne moore best actor and actress categories, also jk simmons and patricia arquet for their supportive roles. what are the academy awards after the legendary after parties. going live to west hollywood for select rid i reaction to the oscar winners surprising but not so surprising, and of course the night's most outrageous moments. >> probably still doing their thing out there. >> still cranking. >> 1:39 in the morning? common. >> that's right. >> going out for their burgers and shakes okay. >> just getting started. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", team of mask thieves are hitting banks across the mid-atlantic, the latest on the search and the reward for the black hat bandit. >> we are in for some more bitter cold.
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winter refuses to loosen its grip on the eastern us. katie heist got her forecast on the other side. we'll be back. good morning.
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>> shelter in warning remains in effect in tullytown. >> we learned the lockdown is because after police stands offer. burglary suspect still held he up inside the business right now, area near levittown parkway, route 13, has been block off in case you are watching us from that area. residents are asked not to call 911 unless they have an emergency. a rewards of $30,000 has been offered t help the fbi catch a team of bank robbers dubbed the black hat bandits. the crew of at least two men sporting black hats and fake beards have already hit seven banks across virginia and maryland. the most recent heist last
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wednesday. no injuries reported so far. but the fbi says the rob remembers becoming more violent. the bureau believes the bandits may have some type of military or police training. the operator of deadly super bug has spread to north carolina. >> officials say three patients associated with the carolina healthcare system lincoln. the bacteria known as cre is difficult to beat because it is highly resistant to antibiotics. appeared last week at ucla medical center linked to type of endoscope. here in philadelphia, a health watch investigation uncovered multiple cases of previous super bug infections, also linked to the same type of scopes. procedures on the pancreas and liver. a feud is growing between bobbi kristina's father and her boyfriend as the 21 year old continues to fight for her life in a hospital. bobby brown's attorney released a statement saying nick gordon could visit his daughter if he agreed certain conditions which he refused. the daughter of the late
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whitney houston has been hospitalized since found un response enough her atlanta home, more than three weeks ago. just past 4:43, oh, the temperatures dropping again this morning katy? >> again. but dairy say it might actually and relatively quiet week of weather for us. >> yes. >> very, very limited shot for t looks like disturbances in the atmosphere, later pass us by to the north or to the south. that's at least something to hang onto. >> sure. >> but the chill is here again. what else is new at this point. we'll see little bit of easing up on the thermometer by mid week. then stuck again in the bitter chill toward the end of the week. like we cannot catch a break this month. but, meteorological spring is on the horizon so at least we've got that going for us. got to change at some point right? meanwhile we start things off with a look at live neighborhood network. what i want to point out, not so much it is calm, but look at this, in fact, i'll step on this side, get better view. yes, still obviously left over
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snow. a lot got washed away from what turned over to rain in rehoboth. see the little look like shiny puddles out there that's turning over to ice. in these spots. temperatures will be gradually falling with time, and as a result of that, anything that may be had a chance to start melting away yesterday, it is going to since have a chance to re-freeze. so, please watch out for that. if it is a treated roadway generally, we're looking pretty good out there this morning, those road crews did fantastic job. but i want you to still be cautious out there. notice couple of flurries out there, not everyone's going to get hit by. that will but if you see quick snowflake, don't be surprised, that's all you will find. meanwhile how it actually feels right now more like into the 20's, a lot of the locations currently into the 30's across our area. but already feeling like back into sub zero territory. here we go again. now, we're currently again into the 30's, but those are temperatures that will be gradually declining with time, we sit into the mid 20's, basically through the rest of the day later tonight down
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to 6 degrees. there will be spots that do have a chance to flirt with record low territory. may not quite get there in philadelphia. we have to hit up 2 degrees i'll check on that for you. but that said, still pretty brutal stuff right? easing up then come wednesday 38 degrees, and that's the warmest day of the pack. erika, back over to you. >> thank you. want to get back to breaking news right now in bucks county. residents who live in tullytown borough are being told to shelter in place due to police activity. >> i believe justin finch on the scene right now with the very latest, justin, what have you learned? >> audio difficulties right right there but authorities on the scene go this mall type area. update from that situation of shelter in place, if you are watching, please do not call 911, if in your that area, the authorities are on the scene. we'll get you more information
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right now matter of fact. i believe we have that. >> fixed the audio problem justin? >> reporter: can you hear me now? >> there you go. >> reporter: here we go. ukee erika very touch and go situation here, just short time ago i spoke with the chief here in tullytown and he tells us there is a suspect holdup on the roof of a nearby gun shop called mike's gun shop. this came in as a burglary call some hours ago. police are responding to that scene. they made contact with that man but gone silent. in the area there is health nerve place order that has been issued. residents urged to stay inside as police try to call this man from that rooftop and take him into custody. now, again there is happened some hours ago it came in as a burglary call. that will man was found on the roof of their gun shop here. no word if any shots were fired at all. we do know that the man's up there on the roof at this time. and that police are trying to make contact with him. soap, in this area, near the wal-mart here, you're going to find a lot of police on the
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look-out trying to secure the area in hopes of get that man in custody and doing so safely. we're live here in tullytown just xfinity. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we'll get back to you for another update. >> still ahead a look at the biggest stories of the day in business. >> first a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. be right back.
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>> police stands off in tullytown, near mike's again shop route 13. health nerve place order in effect right now in the community of tullytown. more at the top of the hour, from justin finch. >> low temperatures, ice and snow, could make the commute attributing you one out there. there could be ice and treacherous driving. just a heads up for you.
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kately give us today's forecast coming up in just a bit. 4:50. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning, something we haven't seen in a while. at the gas pump prices are going up. still what's behind this? >> yes, that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. according to triple a, price haves climbed for 27 straight days. that's the longest streak of increases in over a year. so the national average for gallon of regular is about 2.29. triple a says it is normal to see prices increase this time of year because of refinery maintenance. things are little bit worse this year because work remembers staging the largest oil refinery strike in more than 30 years. started on february 1st, now one-fifth of us production capacity. ukee, err dismay. >> jill, word is target is double down on its push to go green? >> reporter: yes, the retailer will double its organic and sustainable products this year from about 100 products, to more than 200.
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last year, target debuted items like bleach, free diapers and non-aerosol air freshness some of the new products include nash usual children's soap, veggie pouches, with a full serving of spinach. i guess the challenge now get the kids to eat them. ukee err dismay. >> hey. >> got to eat your spinach. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. >> love your popeye. >> that's my man. coming up after a short break traffic and weather and
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>> just coming up on 5:00 a.m. n tullytown bucks county dealing with a police stand-off that's creating quite a potentially dangerous situation for everyone around levittown parkway, completely closed at this time at route 13, you want to takenly road and new falls road to get around that, for the time being, and if you're in the area just in general just to use some extra caution but a loft police activity on the
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scene at this time. over on 95, right around girard, everything moving nicely so far. roadways look pretty dry. so no problems southbound, or northbound but otherwise out in new jersey pretty much the same story light volume so far right around creek road. northbound lanes you are headed toward philadelphia, surrounding area bridges 295 no problems doing that so far. we have a downed tree out in upper merion, montgomery avenue is closed between madison ford road and north stone ring lane. you want to take old gulph road to get on by for the time being, now katie shall most dangerous thing for me this morning was leaving my front door. >> could definitely still be icy, so true, jess. even though the road crews did fantastic job any of the snow melt has since had a chance to begin to re-freeze. so while we're finding temperatures that are currently dropping down here, into the mid 30's they'll continue that decline, as the morning progresses, so, i expect that we will generally be down to the mid 20's, come say nine armor so. northwest wind currently are out of the northwest again at 10 miles per hour.
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but, it is going to continue to increase with time here. so you have got generally a blustery partly sunny day we call it, but can even still see there is handful of very isolated flurries out there if you saw a quick snowflake i wouldn't be surprised by, that but that's the exception rather than the norm. windchill advisories as a result of the increasing wind, return of the arctic chill specific to the poconos not typo. this is in fact until tomorrow morning. so as it stands right now, it is already cold up that way, it is cold everywhere else, too. not as harsh but it will get more harsh with time. erika, back over to you. >> thanks so much. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", liver on the scene of breaking news that stand-off in a bucks county gun shop. >> also, a dangerous weekends on college campus, the problem that sent almost a dozen students to the hospital. >> and which stars wowed on the red carpet at the oscars? taking a look at the fashion winners, and those who were not such big winners. hate to call them losers. that's coming up after the break. we'll be right back.
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>> entire stands off with breaking developments in just one minute. also there is morning weekend thawing did not last as long as we hope, temperatures falling below zero again. now, in neighborhoods left with a slushy mess, it could turn slick this morning. we have team coverage for you of your morning commute. >> and the weather also being blamed for an underground explosion in center city, that blew a manhole cover off the ground. we have the road closures many of you need to know about today. >> it is monday, february 23rd, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehlment back to break news in bucks county. residents being told to shelter in place due to police stand-off at a gun shop in tullytown boro. >> all unfolding near route 13, levittown parkway.
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we will get you right out to "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch at the scene with more on these breaking details. justin, what have you learned? >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, we are now just couple of hundred yards from the scene of this activity, mike's gun shop here off levittown parkway. that is where police believe at least one man is holdup on the roof of the gun shop. and he could possibly be armed. that's why that shelter in place has been ordered. this all began as a burglary call at about 2:00 a.m. that call went into tullytown police, and they responded finding signs of a break-in, primarily through the roof area, results perhaps the suspect here got in from the roof of the gun shop here. we talked to just few moments ago the police chief here in tullytown. here's what he has to say about the investigation so far. take a listen. >> reporter: you have possible way to contact him. do you have an idea of who he is? >> no, not at this point. we're working on that. like i said, you know, we're hailing him through a pa


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